A Tribute to Grandpa Irv

            No, these girls are not Grandpa Irv. A few months before my grandfather passed away, I went on a trip to Italy with my grandmother, uncle, and cousin. My grandfather begged me to take pictures of the beautiful Italian women for him so he had something to enjoy while … More A Tribute to Grandpa Irv

Man vs. Grandma

For this post I created a movie spoof paralleling “Man vs Wild”. The idea was that spending a few nights at my grandmother’s house was similar to a few nights out in the wild. It was an enormous amount of fun to make, and my grandmother loved being the center of attention. You will notice … More Man vs. Grandma

Interview with the Cousins

Over the course of this blog, I have realized my posts have been less about my grandparents and more importantly about family. I have been privileged enough to be born into a wonderful and loving family that enjoys coming together over the absurdity of my grandparents. My parents, brother, uncles, aunts, and cousins have regularly … More Interview with the Cousins